website development

✅Professional Business Website
✅Cloudflare Integration
✅SEO Optimization
✅A quick training to update the website

business automation tools

✅Free Invoice Generator
✅Free Database Management tool
✅Bulk Automated Email Services
✅CRM Integration
✅SpreadSheet/Excel Customizations as per need

website for schools

✅Django Powered Ready to Deploy websites
✅Online Result Publication 
✅Free Grade-Sheet Generator
✅Free domain registration
✅Free Webmail Services

Rising Nepal Secondary Boarding School


Some questions we get asked frequently!

It can take from 10 days to 25 days depending upon the type of website.

Yes. For every contract signed for the referrals, you can receive the bonus.

Yes. Signing the contract is mandatory.

Payments to us can be made online by eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay and from the bank applications.

We receive payments via the Fonepay merchant QR code or on our business bank account.

Yes, you can. We can provide an affordable hosting plans for your blog/website.